Window or Mirror?

Image from Unsplash

I just finished Race to the Sun by Rebecca Roanhorse. This is a book about a girl who goes on a journey to visit her ancestors the Navajo people to save her family and Earth from the monsters that are coming to destroy everything. I think this book is a window book for me. A window book is a book that shows someone else that has a different life than you and you can use the book as a “window” to look at their life. I like window books better than mirror books because window books are usually fantasy and they are things that couldn’t happen in real life. Mirror books are books that you could relate to like if you are like the main character in some way. I think that window books are better because I think it is more fun to read about different worlds and dimensions than to read a book about your life that you could relate to.

My Trip to Japan

This summer I went to Japan. It was two weeks of a super fun and a different experience! When we got there, my cousins and aunt and uncle were waiting for us at the airport. We checked into our hotel and explored Tokyo and Kyoto for 8 days. In Tokyo, we went to so many different restaurants and sights like a ramen museum. We also took a long walk up a street full of shops that led up to a temple. It was very hot and very tiring but the view from the temple was worth it! After that, we took a plane flight to Okinawa, where we spent 5 days. The hotel was on a gorgeous beach with fish and shells and coral and starfish. I spent most of my days in Okinawa on the beach and in the pool, collecting shells and swimming. We also went to a lot of different restaurants in Okinawa. One of my favorites was a Japanese restaurant where you cooked your own beef and soup. Overall, Japan was so much fun and so memorable. I hope to go back there soon!

Camp Kirkwood

We left for Camp Kirkwood on August 30th, 2023. I sat on  the bus next to one of my friends. When we got there it was raining because we were in the middle of a hurricane. We went to our cabins and unpacked and chose our bunk beds. After that, we went to have lunch in the dining hall. The food was different and not what I was used to. That day for lunch we had ham and cheese on a hamburger bun and chips. The chips were good. After lunch, we did a few activities because the rain became a light drizzle. My group did a low ropes course, and then we went to the pool when the rain basically stopped. In the night, we watched a movie because we couldn’t go on our night hike because of the rain.  It rained the whole first night and was still raining in the morning.


The next day, I did team building, which was also called the low ropes course. It is a rope tied to a lot of trees, and everyone must stay together as a group and follow the rope blind folded. Forest ecology was another educational activity where you learn about trees and plants. Orienteering was learning how to use a compass. After that,  we went to the pool again after lunch. That night, we had s’mores around the campfire and it rained all night again. On our last day, my group did the zip line, canoeing, and a really high swing called the v swing. It would drop you and you would swing in a wide v. The bus ride back was fun and I was excited to get home and sleep in my own bed, but camp was still fun.